Encatena connects online businesses and brands that want to increase their visibility with editors that want to earn income by publishing articles on their blog or digital media.

Encatena offers for advertisers:

The best visibility – Benefit from the visibility of appearing in a blog or digital media that mentions your business in a sponsored post that can include URLs with DoFollow links for additional SEO value.

Quality and transparency – Encatena approves all the websites that appear on the platform to maintain a high level of quality and security. The price of a sponsored post is visible from the beginning and will be written according to your requirements.

Real and reliable metrics – Once inside Encatena, you can use the multiple filters (category, price, visits, SEO metrics such as DA, CF, TF etc.) to find the digital media that meet your needs.

Encatena offers for editors:

Monetize your website – You choose the price you want to charge for each blog or digital media you register. Once an order is completed, you can withdraw your earnings whenever you want.

You control the process – When an advertiser submits an order, we notify you via email. From your Editor panel you can see all the details of the order and decide if you wish to accept or reject it.

Recurring income – At the end of each order, the advertiser will leave a valuation of your work (stars and comment). In this way, your good historical work will improve the chances of future orders.