The main obstacle to taking advantage of the immense ranking power of sponsored link building is finding suitable editors whose digital media have been checked for quality, who are interested in writing sponsored articles and have set a price for their services.

Encatena tip: We designed Encatena specifically to address these problems and to be a platform connecting online businesses and brands that want to increase their visibility with editors that want to earn income by publishing articles on their blog or digital media, in as discreet and efficient a way as possible, with any costs associated shown up front.

In the next section I will briefly explain how Encatena works to bring Advertisers and Editors together and facilitate sponsored content transactions.

Selecting a suitable digital media for a sponsored article

There is an International language Encatena for the main international languages (English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese) as well as a Spanish language Encatena catering exclusively to Spanish language digital media. You can register as an advertiser, which is someone who wants to buy sponsored articles, or as an editor who is typically a webmaster of a digital media interested in writing sponsored articles.

Encatena tip: Take advantage of our new advertiser promotion whereby Encatena offers newly registered advertisers a bonus 15% extra on top of their wallet top-ups in their first 5 days.

The key to successful sponsored articles is to select good quality websites that if possible are related to your niche and will give a boost to your visibility and ranking while appearing as natural as possible in your link building profile.

Link building tip: Contacting websites directly via email to ask for a paid link is something you should never do because it can annoy some webmasters.

Registration is free and only takes a minute. We carefully check all the editors and advertisers that appear on our platform before approving them. That way we maintain quality and ensure we do not include any websites that openly sell links, are spammy or have poor quality content.

Once your registration is approved, you are taken straight to our shop page in which you will find a list of the hundreds of digital media available on Encatena for sponsored articles.

In order to allow you to find the right website for you efficiently you can filter the selection by country, language, categories, price, which websites allow dofollow links, which require that articles disclose sponsorship and if there are any prohibited topics.

Encatena also gives you access to SEO metrics such as Moz DA, Moz PA, Majestic CF, Majestic TF, number of linking domains and Facebook shares. If the editor has allowed us access to his Google Analytics statistics, you will also see updated every day monthly users, visits and sessions, page views per session, average session duration and bounce rate.

You will notice that in the screenshot above, the prices for a sponsored article are clearly listed. This is the final price you will pay and you won´t have to waste any time negotiating – the price you see is the price you pay.

Encatena tip: When selecting a digital media for your first sponsored article, having hundreds of digital media to choose from can be daunting. To make this process easier I recommend you first narrow down your search by filtering by the country, language and categories you are most interested in.

Then narrow down by the maximum price you are willing to pay. If dofollow links are important or whether sponsorship is indicated or not, filter by this too. This will significantly reduce the number of potential digital media to choose from.

Once the selection has been filtered down, my recommendation is to order by Domain Authority in order to see the most powerful sites first. You are looking to select domains that have a good balance of Domain Authority, Trust flow to Citation flow, topical relevance and if possible a decent amount of recurring visits. Remember that you can also select another digital media that does not exactly meet these criteria if you feel the subject matter and audience are a particularly good match for your own brand or business.

You should now have a small shortlist of digital media to choose from. Encatena provides you with a link to each digital media to allow advertisers to check out the website itself before they buy.

Visit each of the digital media on your shortlist and make sure to skim read a couple of articles. Make sure it is a thematic match for your own brand or business website.

Encatena tip: Encatena thoroughly checks the quality and backlink profile of every digital media we accept onto the platform to make sure it meets our stringent quality guidelines. Despite this you should always check a digital media personally before purchasing on it to make sure it is a thematic match for you own website.

Ordering the right sponsored article

Once you´ve found a website you´d like to link to, you simply click on it and you are taken to a detailed page with additional SEO metrics and information. Also if the editor has Google analytics connected, you will be able to see visitor numbers and other detailed data updated on a daily basis.

The order panel allows you to specify your requirements for the sponsored article including a suggested title of the article and a description of what you want the article to be about. You can also specify the delivery time of the article and whether to include one link or two, if they should be dofollow or nofollow links, the keywords associated with those links, terms that should be avoided and if there is any source of information that you prefer that the editor use to write the article.

Encatena tip: Use this opportunity to think about what type of article would best advertise your business or brand and give the editor some suggestions and additional sources of information. The more guidance you can give the editor the happier you will both be with the finished result.

Once you have filled in these requirements, the order is sent to your cart which you can pay for via credit card or Paypal. You can even add another sponsored article to your cart on a different digital media before proceeding to payment.

This payment will be deposited with Encatena and will be paid to the editor only once you have had a chance to review and approve the published sponsored article.

Tracking the progress of your sponsored article

Once an order is made, you will be able to communicate with the editor throughout the order process via the Encatena messaging system and we will notify you when your post has been published for you to review and approve it.

Encatena tip: If you are not satisfied, you can request modifications and even cancellation of the order. Your payment is not released until you are 100% satisfied with the article.

Remember that all articles are written by the editors themselves to maintain editorial integrity and need to be 500 words minimum to ensure they meet a minimum quality content threshold.